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 Meet Our Thrivers 

We asked our some of our Thrivers how they thrive. Here are their answers.

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In the years since my 2013 diagnosis, my strive to Thrive has led me along many paths. I have gathered tools from different angles, group therapy, psychology, and individual Earth Angels. It was through Thrivacious I was blessed to experience many helpful workshops leading me to love myself finally, and continue on my journey.

- Laura, Thriver

I thrive by committing to my connections and friendships. From their inspiration, I aspire to build my confidence and invest in the growth of nutritional value and physical strength of my clients and myself.


Knowing and accepting my vulnerabilities allows me the courage to value my abilities to move forward with immense belief in myself.

- Shalvi, Thriver


Thriving is time management. I thrive when I can do it all, love them all, help them all, achieve it all. It's a matter of "how can I fit all this gratitude into a day?" I sleep well knowing I have achieved a lot in a day and loved every minute of it. That's purpose. And then, there are times that I don't manage....and that's okay too, because there is always tomorrow to try again. A "no" to others is a "yes" to me. That is living and thriving my truth.

- Daniella, Thriver

For me thriving means surviving breast cancer and growing from the experience.  There were, strange as it may sound, many positive aspects to my journey with cancer and I learned so much; about myself, about the wonderful people I am blessed to be surrounded with, about coping, about accepting what I cannot control, and about priorities in life. That is how I am thriving now!

- Sharon, Thriver


Cancer f*cks with you. It makes you wonder where you’re going next and how you’re going to get there. In Thrivacious I have found sisterhood to support me, hands to hold mine, hugs to warm me, wisdom to guide me, and strength by knowing I’m not alone.

- Naomi, Thriver

I am thriving when I'm giving. Giving to others and to myself, networking and connecting. Learning about other people's hopes and dreams. Making my own come true. I find strength and comfort in knowing how interconnected we all are.

- Kathy, Thriver


Intending to be of service, and having clarity in my circle of influence, I keep the spotlight on me, acknowledge and prioritize my needs and treat myself kindly. This is how I thrive!

- Dorit, Thriver

To be surrounded by lots of people that I bring joy to, and that bring me joy.

To lose myself to music and dance the worries and night away.

To travel and explore new and far away places... these things make my soul soar, this is how I thrive.

- Pam, Thriver (on the left) with Tamar

Join the Thrivacious movement and share #HowIThrive too! 

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