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Get matched with a woman who knows what it's like to walk in your shoes. Get support and form lifelong connections.

When a woman is touched by cancer, she wants someone she can confide in, lean on, learn from and relate to. Unfortunately, it’s often a challenge to find the right person on your own.


The Thrivacious Connections program is here to help! You’ll be matched with another English-speaking woman in Israel who knows what it’s like to walk in your shoes, whether you are a previvor, patient, survivor or caregiver.

You can either be matched with a mentor - someone from whom you can gain valuable support from because of their past experience, or a buddy -someone who is in a similar situation with whom you can give and receive mutual support.

Here's How It Works

You are eligible for the program if:


  • You have received a cancer diagnosis.

  • Someone close to you has received a cancer diagnosis.

  • You are a previvor (at high risk of developing cancer due to a genetic mutation such as BRCA)


You can request:


  • To be matched with a mentor.

  • To become a mentor (you must be at least one year past your or your loved one's initial diagnosis.)

  • To be matched with a buddy.

Matching & Expectations:

Pairs will be matched based upon several criteria, such as age, location, background, and similarity of cancer experience.  We will do our best to match you with the right person as quickly as possible.

Those who volunteer to be mentors will be requested to complete a short online training once accepted into the program.

Once you are matched, we will introduce you to your mentor/mentee/buddy. You will be asked to contact that person as soon as possible and then meet at least once a month for a minimum of six months. Ultimately, the frequency can be decided upon by the pair depending on what is the most mutually convenient. While meetings can take place via video chat, we greatly encourage you to meet in person to obtain the maximum benefits of the program.

We will check in with you periodically to see how your match is going and to address any issues, but you may contact us at any time, of course.

Thrivacious will host occasional in-person meetups for the pairs.  This is a chance to come together to meet all of the program participants.

After six months, we hope that you will continue to meet with your match. It is our great hope and expectation that many of you will find a lifelong friend in this process.


How to Sign Up: Please fill out the confidential application online. We will review your application, personally contact you and then follow-up with you as soon as an appropriate match is found.

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