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Alona Metz

Founder & Executive Director, Thrivacious

The idea for Thrivacious was born out of my personal experience. I am an idealist at heart who is passionate about creating meaningful change in the world. A Los Angeles native, I started out as a lawyer in a big firm. During this time, I started volunteering with several local organizations and fell in love with the non-profit world.


But just as I was about to make a career change, 

I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28 and spent a year in treatment, including chemotherapy and a double mastectomy. Going through something like cancer at such a young age changed my perspective on life.  I realized that I wanted to do something meaningful, live every day to its fullest and inspire others. 


In late 2013, I moved to Tel Aviv in order to accomplish my dreams and began working in the social impact sector. But while I found Israel to be a warm country in many ways, as a cancer survivor I felt very isolated.  I could not find a single support program in Israel for cancer survivors in English, and yet there are thousands of English speaking people touched by cancer who currently are facing their emotional trauma alone. My role as the Founder of this non-profit organization is to light the match in order to spark the dynamite for other Thrivers to “thrive it forward” with their own inspiration and content.

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