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Hello Pink Lionesses of Israel

Hi to all of you lovely Thrivers,

I’m a 5 year’er. I was well at diagnosis, hormone positive, in both breasts, had chemo, double mastectomy and reconstruction with implants and then radiation. After 2.8 years of being in constant pain, slow healing, neuropathy, brain fog, loss of words, hands not functioning properly, plus more, I decided to remove my implants.

Best thing I ever did!! What a relief! I found I had mourned losing my real breasts at the time of my mastectomy. Those blobs were just that, hard uncomfortable blobs. Now two and a bit years later, the Pink Lionesses helped me gain my upper body strength again, still some way to go, but getting there fast.

The Pink Lionesses of Israel is a special and inspiring association that has been life changing for me. Started by Orit Ziv, this association brings together thrivers, strivers and survivors of breast, uterine and ovarian cancer. It’s a Dragon Boat Racing Team for us all to benefit and continue to thrive through team spirit, health and fitness. It is the ideal workout for our lymphatic system, so important to our continued health and well-being. I joined this group of strong determined ladies two months ago and it has been life changing for me, I am so grateful ❤

My spirits have been lifted and I find myself singing again, returning to part of my old self that I have missed these past 5+ years. It has truly been a gift finding this group - fun, life loving women working as a team with a common goal in mind of winning Dragon Boat competitions all over the world. If you would like to be a part of it, you are most welcome and will be received with open arms.

Contact Orit Ziv with interest through her Facebook page: ישראל ורודות לביאות.

Laura Misgav

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