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Find Your Soul Sister

By: Kathy Poodiack, Executive Director of Thrivacious in Israel

When my son was 1 year old he was diagnosed with a very extensive spinal cord tumor.

After 5 hours in surgery to remove it, we found out that it was inoperable and we were told he wouldn’t reach his second birthday. The doctors offered radiation therapy, but said there was little chance that it would help. That was 34 years ago and today my son has his Master’s degree and works as a microbiologist! Obviously, there are a lot of details of his story that I’m leaving out, but that isn’t the purpose of this post.

Throughout the years of caring for my son, my husband and I felt very isolated. Don’t misunderstand me. Our friends rallied around us, offered emotional support, cooked meals and helped in any way they could. The isolation we felt was that of parents with a partially disabled child with a very uncertain future. Our friends all had healthy children and no one could even come close to understanding what we were going through.

And then I attended the First Annual Thrivacious Retreat and all that changed. After 34 years, I finally connected with another mother who could completely relate to all of the angst and isolation I had been experiencing. She is experiencing a similar situation with her child now so when we met, it was an instant “soul sister” recognition along with a big sigh of relief to finally have someone who could empathize with me and me with her. As we shared our stories at the retreat, the tears began to flow, we hugged and finally we both felt the feeling of isolation disappear, being replaced with deep connection, warmth and appreciation for each other.

If you are experiencing what I have gone through, I encourage you to get involved with Thrivacious. You may meet YOUR “soul sister” at one of the monthly workshops or events, at the next retreat, or you can sign up for the Peer Connection Program. It’s a chance for you to give what someone else so desperately needs and for you to receive what you deserve.

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