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Healthy Habits




When you've been touched by cancer, healthy eating becomes a big priority in your life. Not only is nutrition important from a preventative standpoint, but it helps us feel good both inside and out. But it's not always easy to eat healthy when you are tired and/or have a busy schedule. 


In this 2-hour vegan cooking workshop, Tal Nimrodi, Founder of Rustys Nut Butters & Treats will explain how to shop for and stock a healthy kitchen and how to make satisfying healthy treats even when your time is limited. Tal will explain where to buy the right products, and what to look for on those tricky Hebrew labels. We will make several different vegan treats during the course of the workshop together.


This Thrivacious event is open to any woman touched by cancer (previvors, survivors, caregivers/supporters). The cost of the event for participants is 35 NIS until April 16 and 50 NIS until April 22, which is the deadline. The event is in English and is limited to 20 attendees, so sign up ASAP to reserve a spot! 

About the Instructor

Tal Nimrodi is an athletic health nut who decided to turn her passion for fitness, food, and sustainability into her full time job. While on a long bike ride in the north struggling to find something to fuel her body, she realized there had to be a better way than plain old dates and tahini. That’s when she came up with the idea of RUSTYS Nut Butters and Treats- A mindful eating nut butter brand focusing on delicious and nutritious choices for the everyday busy and active lifestyle‎. In the last four years, Tal has been increasing the awareness of living a full and healthy life without having to compromise on taste and creativity.

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