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Redefine Your Sexuality & Body Image

WHO: Exclusively for cancer thrivers and women with the BRCA gene mutation.

WHAT: In this workshop we will talk about women's sexuality; from the way we were designed to think about sex and sexuality (social-beliefs) and the way our body responds to sexual contact (according to Masters and Johnson). We will learn tools to help us connect to our body and improve our self-confidence . In addition, you will receive information that will help you increase your pleasure in bed alone or with a partner and ways to increase your libido and desire if/when you wish.  

WHERE:  Tel Aviv, TBD

WHEN: January 25, 18:00-22:00.

COST: Early-bird 30 NIS until January 18, and 40 NIS thereafter.  The price is determined by the date of your application.


 Space is limited so apply now.

About the Facilitators

Shelly Varod

Shelly Varod holds a Master’s in clinical psychology specialization in Marriage and Family Therapy from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  She achieved a third degree of Human Sexuality from the private Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco.  Shelly is an expert in the field of human sexuality and  relationships. Shelly consult men, women and couples in a private clinic in Tel Aviv. She appears regularly on TV shows and was just chosen as a mentor in her felid by the Israeli women magazine La Isha.  

Leanne Oshrat Vidas

Leanne Oshrat Vidas is an expert in the field of healthy body & self image as a way of life.  A graduate of body psychotherapy, NLP and holistic coaching, she works with women at all ages individually and in groups.  Leanne is also a writer and a content producer at spiritual and musical festivals. 

Contact info:

Web site:

Phone 054-3971860


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