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Breath Work Workshop

WHO: Exclusively for cancer thrivers and women with a known hereditary risk for cancer.

WHAT: In this workshop, we will embark on a healing journey together using breath work therapy. This type of therapy uses a variety of breathing techniques to clear up mental, physical, and emotional blocks, whereby the breath is used as a bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind.  Over time, the demands of daily life, traumas and painful memories get stored up in our body, building up and armor of stress, and in turn, causing us to hold our breath and breathe less. This can affect us physically, emotionally and mentally. Breath work therapy is a practical process that makes you more aware of yourself and able to release patterns no longer serving you.  Breath work is beneficial for many issues, including stress management, self-esteem (body and weight), anxiety and depression, chronic physical pain, grief and loss, connecting to your inner wisdom, and much more.

WHERE:  Tel Aviv, TBD

WHEN: May 21, 20:00-22:30.



 Space is limited so apply now.

About the Facilitators

Maxine Anders Isaacs

Maxine is an experienced breath work therapist, acupuncturist, recall healer and Inner dance facilitator. She is a keen advocate of Conscious Living, leads a variety of holistic women groups, mindfulness classes, breathing circles and is a co founder of The Red Tent women retreats. 

Having journeyed through her own deep personal work she is deeply committed to supporting others on their process. 

Lauren Isaacs

Since completing her undergraduate & MA studies in Psychology & Clinical Social Work in England, Lauren has worked in a variety of settings including; mental health, youth at risk, HIV/AIDS, African Asylum seeking community & Drug & Alcohol dependency. She worked in England & Latin America before making Aliyah in 2009. In 2013 she opened a private clinic, offering one-to-one therapy, as well as training for madrichim from MASA Programmes . In 2017 she completed a 2 year certification specializing in Trauma & PTSD, which has enabled her to work with a wider group of clientele.

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